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REST API Modular Input - Polling Interval is not working


Hello Everyone,

I try to use the REST Api Input in my splunk account but i have an issue.
The "Polling Interval" value configuration seems not to work and the default value is not working either.

In fact the REST service i try to contact is flooded like hell with many request by seconds !
I try without any value, with a value in second, millisecond, nothing is working and my service keep to be flooded.

Can you help me with this ?

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Unfortunately I can't get server-side error logs. I am trying to connect to the Nest API and don't have access to the server. I can successfully connect, but intervals do not seem to work at all. The only error I get is from

11-01-2015 21:26:15.237 -0500 ERROR ExecProcessor - message from "python /Applications/Splunk/etc/apps/rest_ta/bin/" Exception performing request:

I get this each time the client should be reaching out to pull down data.

If I restart Splunk or edit and save the input, the data comes down once and I enter the same broken state.

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what does your inputs.conf stanza look like ?

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[rest://Nest Devices]
auth_type = oauth2
endpoint =
http_method = GET
index_error_response_codes = 1
oauth2_access_token = TOKEN
oauth2_client_id = CLIENT_ID
oauth2_client_secret = CLIENT_SECRET
response_type = json
sequential_mode = 0
sourcetype = nest
streaming_request = 0
url_args = auth=TOKEN
polling_interval =

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Do you have any errors in the logs ?

Search in Splunk with :

index=_internal ExecProcessor error

Do you have any errors on the server hosting the REST endpoint ?

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