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REST API: How do I limit saved searches to a specific app?

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I'm trying to list names and ID all the saved searches in a given app by specifying the app in my HTTP request, like so:

curl -Lsk -H "Authorization: Bearer ${LONG_TOKEN}" -d "output_mode=json" -X GET "https://MyServer:8089/servicesNS/-/MyTeam/saved/searches?count=-1" | ~/jq '.entry[] | {name, value: .id}'

(I'm using JQ to filter out the fields I want)

But I can see clearly that this is returning results from all apps. Here's a snippet:

"name": "Top Container Memory Usage",
"value": "https://MyServer:8089/servicesNS/nobody/Splunk_TA_k8s/saved/searches/Top%20Container%20Memory%20Usag..."
"name": "TU_MyTeam_Tools_Alert",
"value": "https://MyServer:8089/servicesNS/nobody/MyTeam/saved/searches/TU_MyTeam_Tools_Alert"
"name": "Utils - Top REST actions",
"value": "https://MyServer:8089/servicesNS/nobody/SA-Utils/saved/searches/Utils%20-%20Top%20REST%20actions"

Given app "MyTeam," how do I request a list of saved searches from that app, and that app only?


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You put the search in an app that doesn't export the search globally.

See export in default.meta.conf.spec

Note the file is actually called default.meta or local.meta (no .conf) but the docs show .conf.spec

Also check out role based access control topics for controlling a role's access to the app.

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