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Question on Props and Transforms ?


Hi had a question from my security team that is, where it will be highly secure to palace the props and transforms configuration file in the splunk environment.

I had answered him as Heavy forwarder / Indexer. But not sure whether my answer is correct or not, could please answer this.

thanks in advance.

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Re: Question on Props and Transforms ?

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  1. props and transforms files need to be in specific locations for Splunk to read them. (typically either in etc/system/local or in separate apps under etc/apps/)
  2. props and transforms need to go on the relevant component, depending on the type of config in them (index time config needs to be on HF / Indexer, search time config should be on your SHs), you can't freely choose that

Can you provide some context around this question? What requirements do they have to keep these files "highly secure"? What does that mean and what do they want to protect these files from?