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Question about sending data between SSL Forwarder to Forwarder


We will be deploying forwarders outside of our network and using SSL. These forwarders will be forwarding the raw data to another forwarder just inside our network. Once the raw data arrives inside our network, it will again send to another forwarder (heavy) into our intranet. Once this heavy forwarder receives that data, it then sends on to the indexers.


Once the original raw data, sent by forwarders that is outside our network, arrives on the first forwarder in our network, it is possible to send data to the heavy forwarder in our intranet to not have to use SSL in outputs.conf?


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Hi @brdr,

Yes you can send data from your interval forwarder to heavy forwarder without SSL, for this your heavy forwarder must be listening on Non SSL port. so below configuration is require on Heavy Forwarders inputs.conf


And on internal Universal forwarder outputs.conf will be as below.

defaultGroup = heavyfwd
useACK = true

server = <heavyfwd_host>:9997
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