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Python Splunk deployment Installer Script - scalable barebones deployments


Hi all,
Although it is in "alpha" and arguably very poor python 🙂 this script will download, install and configure a scalable barebones Splunk deployment via SSH (Python Fabric).

It will configure the Splunk network that it installs with the following configuration:

  • Barebones Deployment server andclients
  • Search pooling of indexers and defacto listeners
  • Barebones Forwarders (ready for the additions of your desired input apps.
  • Clustering option does not work together with deployserver (remember the "alpha")

Tested against Amazon EC2 - 8 instance (1xdeploy, 3xindexers, 4xforwarders) installed and configured and communicating in approx 5 minutes.

In case python syntax breaks (it does - sorry) below, you can obtain it from here:



Feel free to leave comments if you have any questions.

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