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Python SDK [list of inputs in input.conf]

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i have 40 inputs [type: monitor] configured in one inputs.conf. Let's call them 001, 002, 003, .... 040

i'm using python sdk to list all available inputs which are configured in inputs.conf file.

As splunk documentation describes i'm using :

for item in inputs:
print ("%s (%s)" % (, item.kind))

Unfortunately splunk lists only the first 37 entries. It looks like:
/path......../001 (monitor)
/path......../002 (monitor)
/path......../003 (monitor)
/path......../037 (monitor)

If i use console splunk list monitor i can see all inputs (001 ... 040). Also on web-ui all inputs are there.

If i delete one input (e.g. 002) and list again using

for item in inputs:
print ("%s (%s)" % (, item.kind))

Splunk shows me:
/path......../001 (monitor)
/path......../003 (monitor)
/path......../038 (monitor)

So it look's like, python sdk collects only the first 37 listings of inputs.

Is this a known issue? What am I doing wrong?

Many thanks in advance

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