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Problem with ERROR TailReader - File will not be read, is too small to match seekptr checksum


Hi there can someone please help.   I am using the free trial version of Splunk Enterprise.

I have set up a Data Input (Monitor) on a folder containing three files, one for each month, Jan, Feb and Mar.  Feb and Mar load without any problems however Jan fails to load with the following error entry in the log files:

05-04-2021 12:17:37.361 +0100 ERROR TailReader - File will not be read, is too small to match seekptr checksum (file=C:\SplunkData\PI\POC_PI_Data_Jan.csv). Last time we saw this initcrc, filename was different. You may wish to use larger initCrcLen for this sourcetype, or a CRC salt on this source. Consult the documentation or file a support case online at for more info.

I have tried deleteing the Data Input and related Index, recreating from scratch, without any luck.  I then deleted the content a second time, restarted the splunkd Windows Service, and created everything from scratch a third time, but just get the same error.  There does not appeat to be anything wrong with the CSV file, which is 916,686 rows long with 4 fields, (Tag, TimeStamp, Value, Status).

Kind Regards
Paul J.

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