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Problem finding knowledge objects

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Has anyone had a problem using this REST endpoint?


This is supposed to return a list of all knowledge objects by owner and app, but for some reason, only returns a partial list. I have not been able to figure out a common pattern as to which objects are returned and which are not.

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|REST /servicesNS/-/-/directory

This should list for all apps(-) and all users(-)

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Sorry, I forgot to mention that I am running the rest call inside of a Splunk search which defaults to "count=0" so that isn't the problem. I'm sure that its returning more than 30 items per call.

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Hi @raugugliaro,

By default /services/directory REST endpoint will display first 30 knowledge objects only, if you want to load all knowledge objects then you need to use /services/directory?count=0

I hope this helps.


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