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Preferred distro for UF & Syslog-NG instance


We have a requirement to run a Universal Forwarder that will act as an Intermediate Forwarder for our domain controllers & will also run syslog-NG to receive logs from our firewalls before sending them up to Splunk Cloud. We are looking to run this on Linux.

The following KB mentions the Linux Kernel versions that are supported:

I'm assuming from that document that Splunk only supports distros with 2.6 kernel version.

I've seen a few posts/articles stating that people are running RHEL 6.x.
Is anyone running a more recent version? are people running other distributions?

Thanks in advance.

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RHEL 7 works fine. Splunk version is 7.2.4.

Also tested successfully with RHEL on 7.3

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