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Passing Custom Variable to Trigger shell script?

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There are 9 parameters that are passed to the Shell script from Splunk, with the one being unused. Is it possible to use that 7th (depreciated) variable to pass a field like ServerName or some such?


Right now we have a global scheduled search across servers to trigger an SNMP trap ... it would be nice to be able to pass a specific server name along with the other information currently sent.
This can be done if an individual report is created for each server, but that would be tedious.



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Re: Passing Custom Variable to Trigger shell script?

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You can read the SplunkArg8 parameter passed, parse the contents of the file for ServerName and use that.

If you do not have a program for converting GZ to CSV, Splunk includes a command-line converter called minigzip.exe in %SPLUNK_HOME%\bin.

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