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Parser Error in HttpEventCollector


Hi Team,

We are using httpevent collector to extract the data from boomerang.js.
In recent days, we are receiving "Parser Error(per-token parser errors due to incorrectly formatted event data)" in HttpEventCollector because of which we are facing raid decrease in transaction count.

Please find the data which we found in _introspection index below.

Kindly help me to resolve this parser error.

{ [-]
component: HttpEventCollector
data: { [-]
format: json

num_of_errors: 0

num_of_events: 571

num_of_parser_errors: 16

num_of_requests: 569

num_of_requests_in_mint_format: 0

num_of_requests_to_disabled_token: 0

series: http_event_collector_token
token_name: boomerang

total_bytes_indexed: 1706492

total_bytes_received: 1703200

transport: http


datetime: 05-23-2018 20:35:39.906 +1000

log_level: INFO



New Member

Sujith, I have same error in Splunk logs in our log now, can you give us your thoughts and the approach that you gave to investigate the issue which will help me to avoid redoing the work. How did you solve it can you share me your approach

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