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Parse log which contain unstructured and inner-json



I have a problem to parse my data: 

19-04-2021 gil-server-1 {"systemId":"1254", "systemName":"coffe", "message":"hello dor"}

I want to extract the fields before Splunk index the data.  

How to configure the props.conf or the transforms.conf?

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Hi @gilsegev468 

There are two ways of fields extraction search-time and index-time extraction ( which means while parsing extract and write to indexer).

In your case a search-time extraction is fine with a combination of inline rex (same can be configured as props.conf inside Search-head)  and spath as inner-json is the one you want to extract fields from.


| makeresults 
| eval log_data="19-04-2021 gil-server-1 {\"systemId\":\"1254\", \"systemName\":\"coffe\", \"message\":\"hello dor\"}" 
| rex field=log_data "(?<inner_json>\{\".*)" 
| spath input=inner_json 
| table systemId systemName message

If you want to use in-line rex then field=_raw (default), same regex can be configured to source/sourcetype in props.conf for search-time extraction and deploy it to Search Head.


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