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Number of hosts over time


I am looking for a good way to show the number of host that are sending log files to splunk over time

I can use timechart but how do I count uniq host names and from what index. I tried _internal for the metrics and summary but when i use uniq or dedup it kills my timchart function.

How to get the number for each day over a 30 day????

I tried this:

index=_internal hostname="*" component="Metrics" | timechart span=d count(uniq hostname)

But that's not right. anyone know the right way??

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Re: Number of hosts over time


This will give what you want.

index=_internal per_host_thruput | timechart span=1d dc(series) as hosts

dc is short for distinct count and series contains the host name in the per_host group

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