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Not able to see VMWare related fields in splunk



I am trying to build dashboard which will list performance stats for VMWare like CPU, Memory and Storage utlizations for oth linux and Windows machines.

i used below SPL to fetch VMware events.

index=vmware-perf sourcetype= vmware:perf:cpu

Sample Event:

9:44:00.000 AM

moid uuid instance samp_int p_summation_cpu_costop_millisecond p_average_cpu_totalCapacity_megaHertz p_average_cpu_reservedCapacity_megaHertz p_summation_cpu_used_millisecond p_average_cpu_usagemhz_megaHertz p_average_cpu_usage_percent p_average_cpu_latency_percent p_summation_cpu_ready_millisecond p_summation_cpu_wait_millisecond p_average_cpu_utilization_percent p_average_cpu_demand_megaHertz p_summation_cpu_swapwait_millisecond p_average_cpu_coreUtilization_percent p_summation_cpu_idle_millisecond p_average_cpu_readiness_percent
host-81 b5250000-0100-0000-0000-00000000000d 46 20 54 0.27 0.72 0.8 9971

host-81 b5250000-0100-0000-0000-00000000000d 47 20 4 0.02 0.42 0.8 9971

host-81 b5250000-0100-0000-0000-00000000000d 44 20 28 0.14 0.54 1.35 9949

host-81 b5250000-0100-0000-0000-00000000000d 45 20 74 0.36 1.13 1.35 9949

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but i could not identofy CPU related fields here. Please Suggest

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