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New free license Splunk install running *NIX to see host entries in my syslog server's /var/log



I have a new 4.1.4 free license install running on a VM. On the same server running Splunk, I have a /var/log that is filled with syslog entries forwarded from other machines and captured by a syslog daemon on the same server.

I would like the *NIX app to load the /var/log data in so that I can see the entries differentiated by host in the app. I could ask Splunk to monitor the /var/log directory, or something, but that might not give me the links on the homepage of the *NIX app that I had when I ran *NIX under the enterprise license.

I understand that I am supposed to run a manual search but I don't know how to configure *NIX to find the log files, et cetera, under the free version. I think I will need to "bulk load" the /var/log data, because there's just so much of it.

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It looks like the four Data Inputs created by *NIX, including the Files and Directory Data Input for the /var/log directory, were disabled inside the Manager. So a quick click on 'enable' for each got me halfway there. I had a few custom logs sitting in the directory, so I modified the whitelist regex to include patterns for the names of the files, and now I'm all set!


NEVER MIND! The Data inputs created for the *NIX app were disabled for some reason.

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