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So this is the first time I was trying to input the TCP data port to my monitoring. I am behind a NAT as it is with a FioS router in a home network environment. I wanted to monitor port 80 for web but that is not being allowed (I presume it has to do with the NAT). How do I monitor my computer as a test for traffic going/coming from the web on the Splunk monitoring tool? What settings/port numbers do I need as the input data?

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Splunk does not care what port you want to monitor - it can be anything. However, Splunk may be restricted because you are running Splunk from a non-privileged account (as you should).

On Linux for example, ports under 1024 are considered privileged; a non- root user cannot read these ports. This may be why you can't monitor port 80. There are ways to get around this.

I am also concerned when you say "monitor port 80 for traffic." Splunk's network inputs (TCP and UDP) read data from the port and index it; is this what you mean by "monitoring"? I feel like this is not what you want. You might also want to look at the free Splunk App for Stream

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