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Need to stop flodding of incidents in servicenow from splunk


I have below setting to generate incidents in Servicenow. This alert is schedule  to trigger after every 5 min. But it will create number of incidents in Servicenow as coorelation_id is unique for every alert. 

I need to stop flodding of incidents in servicenow. I need to 
1)Create incident in Servicenow if alert triggers e.g P1
2)Update the same  incident P1 till the time its state is closed or resolved in Servicenow.
3)If incident_state is resolved /closed . Then only it will create new incident P2. 

So that it can prevent flodding of incident in Servicenow.
also, not sure how we can set-up coorelation_id in that case.

Please helpsag5757_1-1597834922327.png





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