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Need help creating/configuring CSV lookup


I know that using inputlookup will use a CSV file but is it possible to have a script create the CSV file that inputlookup will use?

I know I can use a scripted lookup but this requires arguments to be passed into the script when all I want is a script to create a CSV for me that inputlookup will then use

For example, a stanza in the transforms.conf for a CSV lookup might be as follows:

filename = specialusers.csv

instead of that could I do something like this below:

filename =

So then that python script will create my CSV instead of already having a CSV file created to list in the stanza.

how can I accomplish this??

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You don't need python reference in transforms.conf. You can keep your transforms.conf configuration as it is.

Create a scripted input which runs periodically and put data into the csv file within your lookup table.

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Is there a way to have the script run whenever the search is ran which will then populate the CSV and then use the CSV in the search rather than have it scheduled periodically?

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