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My requirement is to export from a Dashboard ...multiple panels of different table structure into single csv file

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I have a Dashboard with multiple Panels with statistics results and each Panel containing different set of columns, my requirement is to export all the panels into a single spreadsheet(csv file) so that the user can see all the tables in CSV file instead of going to SPlunk UI

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In each panel, add XML like this (incrementing the Panel1 to Panel2, etc.) :

  <unset token="Panel1SID"></unset>
  <set token="Panel1SID">"$job.sid$"</set>

Then in a final (new) panel you can do something like this:

<query>|loadjob $Panel1SID$ | appendpipe [|loadjob $Panel2SID$ ] ... | appendpipe [|loadjob $PanelZSID$] | outputcsv MyOutputFile.csv</query>
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I tried your approach but faced an issue,

Appendpipe is merging the Results from all Panels horizontally, but I need to have the Results one on top of the other in the same Panel with the Panel Headers from the original Panels.

as below

Cumulative Results Panel


EmpID EmpName
1 adf
2 asdf
3 ghd
4 ityi


EmpName Location
adf MD
asdf WI
ghd TX
ityi IL

Expecting to generate all of the above in the same CSV file.

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Switch from appendpipe to append

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can you please post where should the xml piece of code to be placed as im getting warnings.

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