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Multiple delineation and writing a props

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I have a .log file that looks similar to the following below and I've tried doing multiple props.conf configurations to get the best results. I'm reaching out to more experience users that might have a better way of organizing the data. The first 13 lines are single lines of information that I used a regex to extract but after that the delineation changes to a tab delineated with multiple events per line. See example below, all inputs are arbitrary but resemble the actual log 


LOG FILE: "the actual path" --> I used regex for the following to point to the portions and extract

TEST DATE: 2019/10/27

TEST START: 10:32:25 AM

OPERATOR ID: xxxxxxxx

(tab portion)

*****          *****         ******         *****

time           seq           host          information

10:30:20 pm         (can be blank)          computer1        PASS

10:30:22 pm          Seq 1            computer1            Fail


My main objective at the end of this is to index everything as fields but I do want to use that "TEST START" and the last "time" to create some reports about test station usage. Thanks in advance for the help

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