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Multiple blacklist from different inputs


We are working on moving from Splunk Add-on for Microsoft Windows DNS to Splunk Add-on for Microsoft Windows. We currently have the blacklist for event codes 4662 and 566 setup in the Windows add-on as blacklist1 and blacklist 2, respectively.

blacklist1 = EventCode="4662" Message="Object Type:(?!\s*groupPolicyContainer)"
blacklist2 = EventCode="566" Message="Object Type:(?!\s*groupPolicyContainer)"

The question I have is, we have some servers that have a blacklist on event codes 4634 and 4907 (activedirectory/local/inputs.conf)

blacklist = 4634,4907

What would be best way to go about getting these two to work together? If I name it blacklist 9, will that still work, as there is not a 1-8 or a 3-8?

Or would it be better if I just made a copy of the Windows Add-on for those servers?

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Yes, have 2 apps, with different names and have one with blacklist1 and blacklist2, the other with blacklist9 (or blacklist3; both should work). Deploy one, the other or both, and it will do what you expect/need.

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you have an option to group the eventcode when there are having the same message pattern.

blacklist1 = EventCode="(566|4662)" Message="Object Type:(?!\s*groupPolicyContainer)"
blacklist2 = EventCode="(4634|4907)" Message="Account Name:(\W+\w+$)"

Here you have a document with more details about blacklist windows events

you also have an option to use the add-on because all the configuration is already there, so you can also customise this add-on with those new blacklist

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