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More specific requirements for permissions on splunk userid for windows


We want to install splunk on our Windows servers using a Domain account, but not have the in the local servers' administrator group. When we tried this, splunkweb didn't work and seemed to bind to random really high numbered ports (64000+).

Are there additional requirements to the install documentation for Windows in addition to: - Full control over Splunk's installation directory - Permission to log on as a service - permission to logo n as a batch job (etc - the ones stated in the Windows install doc.)

Has anyone already worked through the specifics on this?

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

It depends on exactly what you are trying to do. Many of the things you list are requirements, but what you plan to do with Splunk will determine additional requirements.

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Within a windows environment, Splunk is installed with an administrator account and installs/modifies multiple services while running.

May I recommend an alternative; change your security model within splunk to LLDP. Once completed, you can create and associate user groups based on permissions defined within the Splunk installation.


Within Splunk, select the "user" profile then you can selectively add/remove access within the installed Splunk applications. LDAP: Create a new group "splunk_user" This domain group can be very restricted, so long as they can logon, print, browse intranet/specific sites...

Back to Splunk, where we add the association for the LDAP "splunk_user" to the Splunk "user" effectively isolating their access beyond basic services.

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