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I need to monitor all file reads, writes, deletes, etc. on a SMB share from a Windows server. In the past, I've just turned on full file auditing on the folder in question and used the Splunk Universal Forwarder to grab those events and it worked great. However, I'm not sure how to complete that with a SMB share.

I've looked at the forums and I see people referencing fschange but that appears to be been deprecated so I'd like to go the normal Windows logging route.


  • If I turn on file auditing on \smbshareserver\share1 and mount it to, would all of the file access attempts be logged to local Event Log even if another server mounts that share? I would think no and therefore defeats the purpose.
  • Does the Isilon storage have it's own log file that would write this somewhere else and I could grab it there?
  • Is there a better/easier solution to do this?

The whole goal is I need to fully monitor this SMB share from one location even though lots of computers and users could access it.

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Loves-to-Learn Everything

I have the same question. Any help?

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