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Monitor Docker Swarm clusters


Hi all,

I am currently planning and preparing the monitoring of a platform with Docker Swarm Clusters running on underlying Linux and Windows hosts.

Collecting the docker logs seems straightforward, either with the Splunk logging driver sending it to the HEC or monitoring the logs with an UF on the host. (Please correct me if I'm wrong)

For the docker metrics, I can use some help on the approach to collect this. I found the Splunk app for Infrastructure supports Docker monitoring but only for standalone Linux hosts or for Kubernetes or Openshift, but not for Docker Swarm. Does anyone know why this is not supporting Docker Swarm? Will this be added in a future release?

I found the following solutions to get the Splunk metrics in to Splunk:


Any advice on which path I should go for collecting the docker stats with Splunk?

Thanks for you help!

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Frankly, cause Docker swarm and Enterprise (now Mirantis) have mostly lost the war of orchestrators. Are you using an Enterprise supported version?

I would recommend checking out Splunk Smart Agent and Splunk Infra Monitoring which integrates nicely with docker.

For logging I would use our Fluentd-hec images as part of the work we do For Splunk Connect for Kubernetes. 

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