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Modifying modular input's local inputs.conf via the REST API

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Hi all,
I'm trying to change specific values of a modular input's inputs.conf from within the modular input itself. As an example, let's say $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/apps/my_app/local/inputs.conf contains:

key = value
key_alt = value_alt

A GET request (authenticated with a session_key retrieved from STDIN within my modular input) to /services/data/inputs/my_app/TestInput will return the fields along with a ton of extra data, no problem whatsoever. My issues start when I try to modify the fields - say I want to change the key_alt value to alternative. I'm doing via a POST request to the same URI with POST-encoded variables:


So far so good - the server doesn't complain and if I send another GET request to /services/data/inputs/my_app/TestInput the data will reflect the last change. However, instead of actually modifying the value of $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/apps/my_app/local/inputs.conf, Splunk writes the change in $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/apps/search/local/inputs.conf as:

key_alt = alternative

Furthermore (and not too much important), if I am to delete this entry manually, the STDIN configuration for my modular input will still reflect the change forcing me to conclude that there must be some sort of a flush method that I can call to refresh the configuration my modinput receives through STDIN?

But my primary concern is how to force the REST API /services/data/inputs/ endpoint to edit the right inputs.conf (the one it gets the fields from) instead of reaching for the top-level one in /apps/search/local

Any ideas?

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it would seem for modular inputs, the inputs.conf that the stanza is created in depends on the "context" in which you launch Settings | Data Inputs

mod-input inputs.conf stanza created in /etc/apps/launcher/local/inputs.conf
mod-input inputs.conf stanza created in /etc/apps/search/local/inputs.conf
mod-input inputs.conf stanza created in /etc/apps/{app}/local/inputs.conf

Seems strange to me....

I would have expected it to be created at
mod-input inputs.conf stanza created in /etc/apps/{actual-modular-input}/local/inputs.conf

In any event, i have some code that also updates the input.config and it will create the updated configuration in:
mod-input inputs.conf stanza created in /etc/apps/{app}/local/inputs.conf

but will only contain the updated values.

Everything is fine when you use the api / modular input until you try and delete the modular input, and then everything goes haywire and it's not possible to actually delete the input.

i'm using splunk Version:

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Try using /servicesNS/<username>/<app path>/data/inputs/ as your endpoint.

I haven't tried this for modular inputs, but it worked for adding an index in the search app's indexes.conf, so I'd be willing to bet it will work here as well.

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