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Migrating props.conf from a stand-alone to a clustered environment


Is there a list anywhere of which props.conf settings apply to indexing and which to searching?

I'm trying to migrate a bunch of apps to a new cluster and need to divide up those config files. I presume that timestamp, line breaking, meta data transforms, and routing & filtering commands all go on the indexer. Am I missing anything?

Just curious if this is laid out somewhere...



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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee


You can certainly split up your props.conf into multiple versions, each geared towards an indexer or search head, but I'd suggest just copying the same props.conf over to both servers. You won't experience any performance hits, and it's probably less confusing in the long run.

If you're dead set on splitting up your props, you can check out this link:

Hope this helps!


Hi mloven
Is where any preferred place for props.conf in the search heads nodes in shc?


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And sedcmd would presumably go on the indexer...

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