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Migrating my current indexer cluster to a multisite cluster, if I add two new indexers, will old data be replicated?



I have cluster with two indexers (A,B), and a lot of indexed data.
I want to add two new indexers (C,D), and decided to do a multisite clustering: site1- A,B ; site2 - C,D.

I want to set replication and search factors to 3: origin 2, all 1 and wonder if old indexed data (on A and B) would be replicated to site2?

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

No they won't be. They'll behave like single-site buckets - and only replicate within the site that they were created (A,B), and follow the old single-site replication_factor search_factor policies. (Your new buckets will follow the new multi-site configuration). See

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