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Metrics indexes missing in REST-API listing?

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we created an index overview dashboard for our users. They get a list of all available indexes, the retention time per index and if the current user has access permissions for that index. Nice 🙂
The basis for that index listing is the following query:

| rest /services/data/indexes 

Now with Splunk 7.x we are also using the new metric store. However the new metric indexes are not shown in the above query!

There already seems to be a new field datatype, which should indicate the index type (metric or event):
But all this doesn't count, because metrics indexes aren't shown at all.

This is happing for us in version 7.0 and also in version 7.1.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

- Lorenz

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Re: Metrics indexes missing in REST-API listing?

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Hi Lorenz,

We didn't want to return metrics indexes by default as people with existing code would suddenly start to get indexes that needed to be queried in a different way.

In the link you gave the first parameter listed for GET /data/indexes is "datatype", this can be "all", "event" or "metric" - "event" is the default.

So to list all indexes:

| rest /services/data/indexes datatype=all

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