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Make Key=Value fields from _raw data during indextime



I am trying to make key=value pair for the below data and I am lost on where I am going wrong..

6/26/15 10:26 AM,,Oracle Database Server,DB Role (Oracle) Assignment report,Query Rule,Query=DB Role assignment query,"<?xml version=""1.0"" encoding=""UTF-8"" ?>
    <Column name=""Server Name""></Column>
    <Column name=""Database Name"">CRDMS</Column>
    <Column name=""Role Name"">PCI_READ_IARD</Column>
    <Column name=""Role Grantee"">SYS</Column>
    <Column name=""Server NetBIOS Name""></Column>

What I plan to do is to make KEY=VALUE pairs for all the name’s with their corresponding values. Example.. “Server Name” = , Database Name=CRDMS etc.


TRANSFORMS-ext = ext_column_values


REGEX = ^\s+\<Column\s+name\=\"\"([^\"]+)\"\"\>([^\<]+)\<
FORMAT = $1::$2
#MV_ADD = true
#WRITE_META = true

But it doesn’t seem to work. Not sure where I am doing wrong. Any ideas?

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It all looks good to me except that you definitely need MV_ADD=true so remove the comment character on that line, the RegEx might be better as explicitly multiline:

REGEX = (?m)^\s+\<Column\s+name\=\"\"([^\"]+)\"\"\>([^\<]+)\<
MV_ADD = true
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I tried it and it still doesn't work. Kinda strange. I am applying them on the indexer and doing a oneshot on it for now.

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Is the sourcetype for the events that you would like to exploit called test? If not, you need to change your stanza header in props.conf from [test] to [yourSourceType] before it will all be connected together. Also, you may have a permission problem depending on where you have placed the props.conf and transforms.conf files. You might try setting the permissions to Global to test if this is the problem.

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