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Low in Disk Space. Indexing Has Been Paused.


I installed Splunk 4.1 on a machine (forwarder) and it is giving me a message that reads, "You are low in disk space. Indexing has been paused." I haven't added any data to Splunk yet. The machine is going to be a forwarder. Can I add data to Splunk and forward the data to the receiver despite the fact that indexing has been paused? What effects does it have on indexing or disk space? Am I able to forward the data to the receiver without using up disk space on the forwarder?

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Clear saved searches below locations
"/opt/splunk/var/run/splunk/dispatch" and "/opt/splunk/var/lib/splunk/audit/db"
but it may loss previous searches

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You can get to this setting through Manager > System configurations > System settings > General settings.

The URL for the above page is http://yoursplunkserver:8000/en-US/manager/unix/server/settings/settings?action=edit

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Minimum free space is set either in the management UI or in the server.conf file, under [diskUsage], minFreeSpace=

Enabling as a forwarder (either kind) will decrease the default setting from 2000 MB to 100 MB, although you will still need to have that much free space available or forwarding will stop too.


I changed this setting to 500MB in Manager > System configurations > System settings > General settings but this is only a temporary fix.

I have splunk installed on a Debian version 5.x and the system is complaining that the minimum free disk space reached for /opt/splunk/var/run/splunk/dispatch.

Please advise on how I can fix this issue and what options do I have???

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You are going to need to increase the disk space somehow. Splunk usually wants 2G free to do it's work (but this may be tunable). No indexing will take place until this is resolved.


Ahh, this is a forwarder. Splunk will use a little space on the forwarder to keep track of known files, positions, etc, so it will need to have some headroom - but not a lot.

As long as this forwarder is not indexing as well (did you make it a forwarder?) then you should be OK to send data to an indexer

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