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Logging of DNS Audit events

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Hey guys,

i want to log dns audit events such as the deletion/creation of dns entries.

I've installed Splunk app for Windows Infrastructure and Splunk supporting addon for Active Directory.
Everything is working fine so far.

The events for which i'm looking for are:

EventID: 515
TaskCategory: ZONE_OP
A resource record of type 1, name, TTL 3600 and RDATA 0xAC12200B was created in scope Default of zone

Let me know, if you guys need further details.

So Windows Eventlog is logging this events. But how is it possible to get this data into splunk?

Any help would be appreciated! 🙂

Kind regards,

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Loves-to-Learn Everything

any update on this @itinfrastructur 

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Hi itinfrastructurealberdingk,
at first check if DNS Server is logging.

Whick Technical Addons you installed on the DNS Server?
Then, did you enabled in the Technical Add-On the stanza to ingest DNS logs?

I suggest to follow the documentation at


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