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Log time differs from time on splunk host

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I'm running splunk in windows where the time is in PST.

I read logs in GMT time, so when I search for most recent, it yields 0 results because all my data is indexed in GMT time (technically in the future).

IIS log

2011-08-02 23:42:01 W3SVC1...

But current time on system is 4:42 PM PST.

So when I issue a search for the current time, it searches and returns for data at 4:442PM PST, not 4:42PM GMT.

Is there a work around for this?

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This page explains how to set up Splunk’s props.conf to convert data sources from a specified time format: Specify Timezones of Timestamps

Example: to set all IIS sources to be imported from UTC, add:

TZ = Etc/UTC

This assumes that your IIS logs have a sourcetype of "iis" - adjust appropriately for your system.

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