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Log rotation for compressed files


We are using Splunk to monitor server.log file from a JBoss instance that rolls over daily (we use the logrotate utility to gz server.log daily)

The folder looks like this inside :








We use the universal forwarder on this linux box to push data out to the indexer.

Currently: Our configuration in the inputs.conf on the forwarder side looks like this.





What this does unfortunately is that it gets the daily server.log (which its supposed to because of the server* wildcard) -- and then, everyday it indexes the uncompressed content of the server.*.gz files that are out there

Based on what is described here - apparently log rotation does not apply to the .gz and .tar file formats because they are treated as new files:

Does this mean that we will definitely see duplicates ? Has anybody seen a problem like this previously ?

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Re: Log rotation for compressed files


You can add whitelists/blacklists to your inputs.conf to filter out unwanted files:

blacklist = \.(gz)$

Should filter out anything in the folder with a .gz extension. (Or you could just whitelist .log files to get the same result. Depends on what else is in there)

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