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Log data of a particular sourcetype from one of the forwarder is missing in splunk

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Hi All,

In UF installed server ,we have monitor stanza to read the .log file from a particular source named it as one of the sourcetype.
I used to get the log feed upto 7 days . But suddenly it stopped and not able to see any log feed from that particular sourcetype only
But I am getting the different types of log files nearly from 8 sources from the same UF installed server to indexer

I had rebooted the UF but no luck . By running splunk btool command I can see the monitor stanza for the missing sourcetype in inputs.conf along with others

Please guide me on this

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Hi raj_mpl,
a little question: which day of the month was the stop day, the 1st?
in this case see the timestamp format because there's an error in time format interpratation: Splunk reads mm/dd/yyy, maybe you have dd/mm/yyy.

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other 8 sources also sending data to same indexes?

share inputs (from UF ) and indexes conf( from indexer)

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Yes , Other sources are also sending the data to same Index


And for the same index different log from different sources are coming

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check the _internal logs of forwarder to find out why the monitoring is suddenly stopperd. you will be able to see error message.

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What happens if we restart the splunk forwarder with a root user ?

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