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Load Balance UDP syslog across an F5 to multiple heavy forwarders


The goal is to have all of our syslogging devices point to a VIP on the F5 which will then load balance across multiple heavy forwarders. This allows for an HA configuration and easy expansion of forwarders.

The problem is only TCP syslog seems to work on the F5. UDP either doesn't work or logs with the source address of the F5. Can anyone recommend a good configuration for the F5 to log this correction across multiple forwarders?


We're using the same approach; we use ACE in production but have also tested with F5. You can take advantage of the fact that syslog is a fire-and-forget protocol and therefore don't need to use SNAT; that will keep your source IPs intact. I would create a Standard UDP virtual server with a SNAT Pool of None. You might need to tune the default Action On Service Down on the pool to Reject; on the ACE we were having problems with active connections sticking to servers where the health monitor had failed.

Speaking of health monitors, we run both TCP and UDP on the syslog servers and use a TCP monitor; UDP monitoring didn't work for us.

Here's an F5 config that I just tested, hope this helps (note that the syslog sender, receivers, and F5 are all on different subnets):

ltm virtual udpsyslog_514_vs {
ip-protocol udp
pool udpsyslog_514_pool
profiles {
    udp { }

ltm pool udpsyslog_514_pool {
members { {
        session monitor-enabled
        state up
    } {
        session monitor-enabled
        state up
monitor tcp
service-down-action reset

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We are attempting to also load balance syslog. When I set Source Address Translation to None, then no data flows. It works when set to Auto Map, but the hostname gets set to the host and not the original client.

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