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Large Decimal to Hex - Loss of Precision



I would like to convert a large number to hex, just as described in this post.

While the above poster's issue was resolved via printf("%X",<field>), this did not work for me with a 19 digit uint64.

. Run-anywhere example:


| makeresults
| eval id="6932595798699158802"
| eval want="6035872600D42D12"
| eval dataHexUsingPrintf=printf("%X",id)
| table id want dataHexUsingPrintf


I've tried several combinations of exact(), tostring(id, "hex"), and all attempts fail, it appears due to a lack of precision in the initial conversion to 'number' type.


| makeresults
| eval id="6932595798699158802"
| convert num(id) as id_num
| eval want="6035872600D42D12"
| eval dataHexUsingPrintf=printf("%X",id_num)

Does Splunk support big num calculations of this type?
Is there a work around I'm missing to properly convert to hex?


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