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Kendo grid filters in splunk dashboards

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We are using in our Splunk reports the kendo grid that has filtering options.
When we change the filters the table shows the filtered data, but then if we change submitted token model items (as Time frame) and hit submit, the filter changes back as it was before.

For example: for unfiltered table I change the user name to 'user1', the table will display data only for user name eq 'user1', afterward I change the timeframe to last 24 hours and hit submit, the table display data for the last 24 hours but for all users and not just 'usr1'.

We are often passing filters in the URL, when the reports is drilled down from another dashboard for example:
In this case, the table will be filtered,
but if we want to clear the filer and then to change submitted token model items the filter will come back as it was from the drilldown, even that we cleared it before.

The bottom line is even if we change the filters in the table, they change back as they were before when we change submitted token model items and hit submit.

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