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Hi Splunkers!

I'm having trouble with the Splunk JMX App. I used to work with version 3.0.2 but I needed to make an update to the current version 3.1.0 due to my clients' needs. The thing is that, I had a lot of dashboards using tags for the values of the previous 3.0.2 version for the field source, like:


And, since the update, as pointed out here:, now the source field from JMX connection string (e.g., service:jmx:rmi:///jindi/rmi:// has changed to to JMX MBean ObjectName (e.g., kafka.server.ReplicaManager.UnderReplicatedPartitions).
So, now, my source fields are like this:


And my dashboards doesn't show info anymore, since I'm using the tags for that previous values of source, like "Area1" for myhost2, "Area2" for myhost2 and so on. I need to recover this, because there are like A LOT of monitoring info from A LOT of computers.

So, my main question here is: Is there a way to "recover" in the current 3.1.0 version, the values of the source field like in the previous 3.0.2 version?? Or maybe there are still there but in another java bean or property and I need to configure de JMX sourcetype to take those values in the xml conf??
Is this possible or is a matter of the app and the development and it can't be changed anymore??

Thank you very much!

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