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Is there going to be an app to pull data from Microsoft's recently released Office 365 Management Activity API?


Microsoft recently released their Management Activity API. It’s supposed to be similar to the Box API where you can retrieve activity related to security and compliance, covering Azure, Mail, and SharePoint. Do you know if the app developers at Splunk are working on anything to pull this data? I really don’t want to spend any time developing something internal if it’s something Splunk is already working on.

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SkyFormation does exactly that, you can see us at Splunk base -

SkyFormation retrieves the data from Office 365, enrich and normalize it, then communicates it to Splunk in Syslog\CEF format.

Feel free to contact me directly - nimrod (at)


Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

We are developing a TA that would use Microsoft's management activity API for Office 365. Hope to have something available late this spring.