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Is there anyway to fetch the logs of Live HTTP/HTTPs traffic?

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Is there anyway to fetch the logs of Live HTTP/HTTPs traffic (Web traffic)?

For E.G :

I am searching multiple sites in my machine and I want to get them fetched in Splunk in terms of logs.
1. At what time I surfed the URL?
2. What URL I have surfed?
3. What is the size of the data I have used?

I know - this has to be fetched through Firewall, but any other way to get it in Splunk directly?

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Install splunk universal forwarder on the web servers. Setup inputs.conf on forwarders to "monitor" the web server's log file directories (such as /var/log/httpd/*.log, or c:\inetpub\iislogs*.log). Then use splunk to search through the data.

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Firewall would definitely be the best bet to gather this information from. Especially if you need the size of the data transmitted. You may be able to gather the time and URL surfed by using a third party app such as:

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Do these web servers have log files? You send those to splunk and generate dashboard/alerts

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