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Is there a version of the universal forwarder that is compatible with Windows Server 2016 for 64 bits?

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Hi Splunker,
Currently, we are panning upgrade to Windows Server 2016, may i know, will Splunk release latest msi version which is supported Windows Server 2016 64 bits? Or we still can use latest Universal Forwarder version 6.5.2 on Windows Server 2016 to forward the log detail?

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

The current version currently isnt officially supported on Win2016. That doesnt mean it wont run, I have seen this running in the field with existing customers and they havent had any issues. It just means Splunk doesnt officially support it.

That being said, official support should be coming out in the near to not-to-distant future. Keep an eye out.

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