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Is there a REST endpoint that allows replacing a static resource?


Is there an endpoint that allows replacing a static resource? I've written some scripts to upload dashboards through:


but I don't see an equivalent for the files that land in appserver/static, javascript, and css in particular.

Am I missing something?


If you go down the route @jkat54 is talking about with your trusty rusty chrome HTTP request debugger, it looks like it just does a POST of form data directly to the 'app' itself, in my case http://localhost:8000/en-US/manager/launcher/apps/local/search -- which is really not a REST endpoint, but likely a splunkweb controller of some kind.

You can't just smash it easily with curl because it doesn't seem to understand HTTP basic auth. I estimate you'd need to hit the auth form and submit to get back a cookie and then hit the form up.

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There got to be one somewhere because that's exactly where assets go when you upload them through the app manager...

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