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Is there a 6.2.x or later version of the universal forwarder supported for Windows server 2003?

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I have Splunk 6.2.
I need to know if there is an universal forwarder for Windows server 2003 in 6.2 or later.

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Per the documentation the 6.2.x universal forwarder is supported on Windows 2003:

This support was removed with Splunk 6.3:

But don't let that keep you from updating your Splunk servers if need be, as the latest Splunk indexers can receive data from Universal Forwarders 4.3 or higher:


you can find the Splunk Universal Forwarder here -

from a previous post on this same topic -
I would suggest that they install the latest release version of the UF 32 bit 6.1.4.
“This version of Splunk is supported but is not recommended on this platform” - is only applicable to 32bit installs on 64 bit machines I believe; so not relevant in this case.
Please note that you only have about 9 months of support left on those. On July 15th, 2015 support ends on Windows Server 2003

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