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Is it possible to preserve sourcetype, host, and source when using the collect command?

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We have an index with access logs from multiple hosts and systems with different sourcetypes.
When I trying to add information from a dynamic lookup to events and save them in a summary index with the collect command, I can't save original information about source, sourcetype, and host because collect command arguments take values as text, but not field values.

For example, search:

 index=access sourcetype=*_type_access | 
 lookup xxx AS yyy |
 collect index=enriched_access sourcetype=sourcetype

saves results with sourcetype equal "sourcetype", but not the original sourcetype.
When I try to rename sourcetype, result is the same.

Where a, I going wrong?

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Have a sourcetype value in anohther field like "origSourceType" and push this value in summary index. From summary index you can search based on origSourceType field.

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Totally different approach: Keep the lookup data in the lookup, enrich at search time, skip indexing things twice through collect?

What you're doing feels quite wrong, considering collect would index _raw while the lookup is just adding fields - have you checked that those lookup output fields are actually retained in the second index?

That being said,

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Since there are perhaps several sourcetypes I would try the map command

| metasearch index=access sourcetype=*_type_access | stats count by sourcetype | map [ search index=access sourcetype=$sourcetype$ | lookup xxx AS yyy | collect index=enriched_access sourcetype=$sourcetype$ ]

At least that works in theory; I haven't tested it. It should work though. I used the metasearch command for speed and the stats command is just to get the unique list of sourcetypes. Tstats might be a hair faster still but I'm not spun up on that one /shrug. There are folks who are kinda anti map but it is a tool in the tool chest. What you are doing is for each result line from your initial search is passing the sourcetype as a token to the included search.

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I tried this out with "host=$host$" in my collect statement and no-dice.

Any other ideas?

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