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Is it possible to edit props.conf from Splunk Web?

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Hi Friends,

I've added a custom application in SPLUNK which utilizes LINE_BREAKER and SHOULD_LINEMERGE features of props.conf. The implementation works great in my development instance of SPLUNK.

I have to create this application and add line merge logic on a Splunk Cloud instance. I need your help to understand:

Does SPLUNK offer a way to update application specific props.conf file (from Splunk Web) so that I can apply LINE_BREAKER and LINEMERGE logic? If yes, Please help me with the procedure or how can I achieve this if creating a file in Filesystem and editing is the only option.


Hi gauravmishra15,

a bit late for the party ...
In Splunk Enterprise under Settings - Source Types you can list, create and edit sourcetypes options in the according props.conf.

The docs talk about the process to modify sourcetypes in Splunk Enterprise here and for Splunk Cloud here

Hope this helps ...

cheers, MuS

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Check out this post, it shows how you can use the Web UI to modify the props.conf :

I hope that helps!



That link seems to have gone dead.


The link just has one extra plus sign in the end. Can't seem to add a link here, but copy+paste this:

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I'm pretty sure you CANNOT modify your props.conf from the UI. You will need to edit the .conf file on the indexer

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