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Is it possible to configure indexer discovery with CLI ?


Is possible to configure indexer discovery with CLI on master and forwarder? Thanks

For example:

In the master node's: server.conf:

    pass4SymmKey = my_secret
    indexerWeightByDiskCapacity = true

In each forwarder's outputs.conf:

    pass4SymmKey = my_secret
    master_uri =

    autoLBFrequency = 30
    forceTimebasedAutoLB = true
    indexerDiscovery = master1

    defaultGroup = group1
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hello there,

i dont think there is a way to set it up via CLI
with that being said, why would you want to manually write a file to each forwarder?
you can use a deployment server and delpoy an app with outputs.conf with indexers discovery to all your forwarders with a click of a button
see here:

hope it helps

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