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Is it a valid configuration to have indexers on different IP subnets/vlans for a single site in a multisite cluster?

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We have nine sites in a multi-site cluster with indexers at each site ranging from three to 15 servers. Each site's indexers are all on the same vlan and ip subnet for for their region. I have a need to expand one of the sites with more indexers but the vlan has run out of IP addresses. Is it possible to just create a new vlan to use a different IP subnet range and add these new indexers to the previously configured site? For example site2's indexers are in vlan 2 on ip subnet range Can I add 6 new indexers to site2 with those new servers in vlan 3 on ip subnet range

I looked over the documentation and didn't see a requirement indexers in a site for a multi-site cluster need to all be on the same vlan/ip subnet range but wanted to check if this is a legit configuration from real users in the community. Any pro's and con's? We currently have two independent search heads but are going to a search head cluster later this year.

thank you

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You don't have to have indexers on the same vlan, or subnet. Its totally fine to have them on different subnets.

The only requirement is that they can communicate on the various management, replication and s2s ports

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