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Internet Information Services 7.0/7.5

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I downloaded and installed Splunk on my server thinking that I was going to be able to garner reports and information based on two years' worth of logs generated by my web server, but I can't find anywhere that Splunk even supports the latest version of the Microsoft Windows web server IIS.

Am I wrong?

A search in Google for "IIS log analyzer" brought forward a sponsored link from Splunk. Seems silly to advertise something that isn't supported - or was supported in a prior version.




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Re: Internet Information Services 7.0/7.5


Can you provide a little more information about what you have done and haven't done?

Have you set up Splunk to consume your logs? If so, how did you do that?

Splunk is mostly independent on versions of software as long as the log files are still txt files which can be consumed by Splunk.

For example, if you install Splunk, and configure Splunk to point to your IIS logs, it should recognize them for what they are (unless you use custom logging format), and digest them.