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I wanted to integrate Tableau to Splunk. I have searched for tutorials and installed Splunk ODBC to my computer. However, every time I tried to connect to Splunk from Tableau, there is this exclamation mark appear next to the data source saying, "There was a problem connecting to the data source '...'. Try editing the data source." I am sure that my username and password are correct.

Is there any step that I'm missing?



There is a also JDBC driver for Splunk that can be used to get data from Splunk into Tableau. The Splunk team provided setup instructions. Note that the licensed version does have a cost.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

For users looking for getting Splunk data into Tableau, have a look at Splunk Tableau WDC solution as an alternative to ODBC!

Documentation and Deployment Instructions can be found at


@andrehl, I think your objective is to send Splunk Data to Tableau for visualization. You should post this question on Tablaeu forum for better chances of getting an answer 🙂

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