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Ingesting metrics into Splunk Core Cloud vs Splunk Observability Cloud

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I am searching far and wide for recommendations, best practices, even just conversations on this topic - all for naught. Here's my big dilemma that I would love to get something other than "It Depends" answer to: 

Which platform is more appropriate for Metrics: Splunk Cloud or Splunk O11y ?

I am not an expert in Splunk, but know that there are certain challenges with metrics indexes in Splunk Core/Cloud . And, I can also see there are Metrics Rules in O11y  that help with filtering, and some pre-built dashboards. But I still am lost for direction.  Short of actually ingesting the same amount of metrics into both Platforms and seeing what comes I want to do that ? Well, "that depends"! 🤔

Any guidance deeply appreciated.

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